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Testing Information

For the most up to date testing information please visit your counseling canvas page:

ACT ( to register

ACT test prep through

We recommend that students do not take the ACT until the spring semester of their junior year.  Juniors enrolled in Pre-Calculus could take it for the first time in December of their junior year otherwise, we recommend waiting until the spring semester.  Most students are not academically prepared enough to take it prior to that. We strongly recommend that students take a practice ACT before they take the real ACT.  If you have questions, please contact the counselors.  In the past a FREE ACT has been offered to students in February of their Junior year- there is a different process for taking the Free in state district ACT.  We just want you to be aware that it does exist. 

ACT registration and exam dates are listed below. You DO NOT register through the school. Please go to to set-up a student account and register for the exam. If you require accommodations, you must note that in the system and then it will send an email to Mrs. Dorian and she will provide you with the next steps for approval.

National ACT testing Information:

Students may take the ACT on any of the dates listed below.  Highlighted dates are dates where Piper High School (at the CTE building) is a national testing site, but you are not required to test on this date.  National test dates require the student to register through ACT- PHS does not have access to help with this.  

ACT Dates


Understanding Your ACT Results Presentation

ACT Planning for College Presentation


Piper High School CEEB number: 172400

The West Wyandotte Branch of the KCK Public Library offers ACT practice tests before each ACT test date.


Please call 295-8250 to register.  Practice test is free. Test is from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm; this may change due to COVID or other safety measures.  


SAT Planning for College Presentation

We recommend that students do not take the SAT until the spring semester of their junior year. Most students are not academically prepared enough to take it prior to that. If you have questions, please call the counselors.


Kansas State Assessments

Piper High School students take a variety of Kansas State Assessments throughout the school year.  This is the typical timeline for state assessments.  The following link shows the scores students must meet in order to "pass" (meet standard) on the various assessments.  State Assessment Scores

If a student transfers to Piper before or during their junior year from a non-Kansas school, they are required to complete each assessment.  If a student transfers to Piper from another Kansas school, they will only be tested in areas not previously tested in the district where they transferred from (i.e. if they already took and passed the math assessment at another Kansas school, they won't be required to take the test at Piper).


AP (
 AP Exams to be given at Piper High School - each exam is $100. Students that qualify for free/reduced lunch can request to find out if they would qualify for a fee reduction. Make sure to check the counseling canvas page for registration information.

AP Course Transfer List: See what Kansas Colleges will accept.





Registration and test dates can be found on the counseling canvas pages for 10th and 11th graders. 

 Results are usually in during the month of December. Questions? You can find more information on