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Skyward Tools and Help

Skyward Tools and Help


Skyward web access allows parents, guardians and students to access all things Skyward through our online portal.

In Family Access, parents and guardians can 

  • keep track of your student's attendance, grades and assignments, and schedule.
  • view messages and updates posted by your student's teacher or principal.
  • update your student's emergency information.
  • use Skylert to choose which alerts you would like to receive and how you want to receive them.

There's a lot of information out there in Family Access. Do you know what's available to you as a parent? Take a look!


Accounting Settings: 

With Family Access, you can determine which alerts you receive about your student, how you’re notified and in which language the information is displayed. Learn how in this 60-second from Skyward. You can choose to have an email sent to you if your students has a missing assignment, a grade below a set percentage and much more. 


Checking Grades: 

With Family Access, you can get an up-to-date look at your child’s grades, upcoming assignments, progress toward graduation and more…. Learn how in this 60-second from Skyward.


Skyward APP

Power-Up: Downloading the App

Mobile App video for an overview on using the mobile app. Download the app by searching for "Skyward" wherever you get your mobile apps.

You do most everything from your phone.   Why not use it to check Skyward too?   Many students already use this to check their schedules as well as grades.


Power-Up: Push Notifications

Sign up for push notifications and receive an alert for everything from missing assignments to food service balances.

Graduation Requirements:

These are accurate for courses that were taken through Piper High School only.  

Graduation requirements directions


These are currently being setup and checked for accuracy.  You are welcome to look at different endorsements and to see the requirements, but currently you cannot declare an endorsement.  This will change soon!  Although endorsements cannot yet be declared you can choose one and see what classes you still need to take and what you have already fulfilled!

This soon will allow students to declare an emphasis or concentration for their coursework – a bit like a college major, except Endorsements can be designed for both college and career preparation.  

As students take classes, they can monitor their progress toward completing their declared Endorsement. The system will automatically keep track of progress toward any Endorsement, so if a student’s interests or goals change, he or she can easily switch Endorsements or even work toward achieving multiple Endorsements.  

Examples of endorsements are: Piper Scholars Curriculum completer (11th-12th graders only), Information/ endorsement for qualified admissions, KS Regents Scholars curriculum completer, all CTE pathways to be a pathway completer...

Bonus! If a student unintentionally achieves the requirements for an additional Endorsement, the system will recognize this and automatically award the additional Endorsement.

Email Notification Settings


Your Skyward Family Access account will allow you to subscribe to receive food service balance notifications, grade progress reports, and attendance notifications for your students. 

  • You can turn these settings on or off or change the frequency of your notifications as follows. 

    • Log into Skyward Family Access 

    • Click on the My Account link in the top right corner of the screen, next to your name and your Account Settings page will appear.


  • Account Settings: Updating Your Email Address & Contact Phone Numbers

    • Update your email address and any phone numbers as needed under Account Settings. 

    • Click Save when done.


  • Updating Your Email Notification Preferences

    • Towards the bottom of the page, under Email Notifications, you can check or uncheck the notifications you would like to receive and set the frequency.  These settings apply to automated messages from Skyward. 

    • Click Save when done.

We will be adding a portion in skyward to include graduation endorsements and arena enrollment in the near future- it is in the works!  We will inlcude how to use this feature once it is fully up and running!